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Remote Office

Ambit has its own technology support center to help its customers simplify and optimize the management of their technology. The center's main objective is to provide technical support to a large group of professionals who handle the requests of our customers. The Center also coordinates a number of other services such as user service by responding to inquiries regarding operation of services or applications they are using. This opens new opportunities to expand the capabilities and services in the areas we offered and managed services

Technological Support Center

The management of technical staff to Ambit is the area where we lead and integrate the processes of planning, capture, organize and manage the entire IT staff talent with the goal of creating a technological service that meets the scope and the level of services required within time and cost limits defined. This requires leadership to staff continually evaluate and regulate the actions necessary and sufficient for the success of the service.

Ambit start the service from the beginning including the selection of vacancies with highly specialized profiles, taking care of quickly and accurately to attract the best candidates and select the most suitable for the service.

The differential value l which provides Ambit is in order to involve all staff in favor of a project. With clearly defined goals will take care of converting the technical staff working in a team of highly efficient and specialized.

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