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Systems management

The traditional infrastructure management is delegated to a IT supplier design and implement technology solutions necessary for business. The problem and the need appears once implemented, the internal IT department of the company needs to carry out constant improvements, administrative tasks, maintenance and troubleshooting that require greater expertise and experience.

Unfortunately today is complicated IT department has a substantial staff specialized in each of the solutions implemented. Consequently, the service provided to the business of the company tends to suffer.

The systems management services help many organizations to fill these gaps in technology management. A combination of assignment of tasks and responsibilities to staff Ambit will enable the IT department to focus on the day to day what really matters, which is managing the needs of your business.

Exploiting systems

Once organizations have successfully completed the adoption of a technology, comes into the daily routine of maintaining this solution. The operational phase of a computer system corresponding to stable system operation, fully implemented and configured, ie if we enter the daily fulfillment of the functional requirements and service windows for which it was designed.

The type of scenario, the requirements and objectives and the technological characteristics mark how services are prioritized by grouping the set of activities often considered repetitive and of little value to the IT department of an organization. Ambit design the operating service systems and provide technical resources according to customer needs.

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