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ITIL Processes

ITIL® V3 is oriented to the life cycle of the IT service according to the perspective of the business, and ITIL processes define each of the phases of the service within the life cycle.

These phases are included in the following five processes IT service: Strategy, design, transition, operation and continuous improvement.

The adoption of these processes on the part of the organizations is a complex task that requires maturity and continuous improvement. It is not a process that has a final, but that is to improve the provision of IT services with a clear approach to the needs of the business.

The consulting on ITIL processes is to advise in the adoption and implementation of these processes in any of its stages of maturity, usually accompanied with some tool that would allow their management effectively.

ITIL® is a Registered Trade Mark of the Office of Government Commerce in the United Kingdom and other countries”.

Security in the IT world

Seguridad en el mundo TI Is the area that focuses on the protection of the IT infrastructure and everything related to this (including the information). In this case, there are a series of standards, protocols, methods, rules and tools to minimize the possible.

Computer security includes all hardware, software, databases, metadata, files and all that the organization values (active) and imposes a risk if this gets into the hands of third persons.

Impact on business Network considerations Support information

The challenge to design security in any company is to allocate resources, based on the potential impact to the business. To determine solutions, you need to know to assess the criticality of information systems that may potentially be affected, and what we want to protect from incidents in security, as for example the confidentiality of the information, integrity (apps and information) and finally the availability of the system.

Input and output of information in the network, points are usually email, web pages and input files from disk, USB drives or computers and mobile devices external to the organization. For all these cases, Ambit design protection strategy most appropriate for the customer according to the submitted requirements.

Information is the most important asset of the companies, and can be affected by many factors such as theft, fire, disk failure, virus or others. From the point of view of the company, one of the most important problems that must be resolved is the permanent protection of your critical information.


Infraestructuras All companies seeking to increase their efficiency are required processes of constant updates about their information systems. Currently one of the best ways to achieve these objectives usually start with a migration, consolidation, or movement towards virtual infrastructure or cloud.

The initial analysis and subsequent planning current and future infrastructure, achieve alignment between the business processes of the company and "its" technology for a better adoption and achievement of success in projects.

Ambit consulting help in the areas of systems design, build and transform in the shortest time possible their datacenters, in permanently available infrastructures.

Business Continuity

In response to the necessities of your business, consulting services help to create an unforeseen-resistant infrastructure using the "Always available" concept. Some organizations cannot operate every day without computer systems, making them indispensable. This pressure on infrastructure makes more necessary than ever to have the best technology with all the precise elements to overcome any kind of unforeseen.

Using the technologies available in the market, Ambit design solution hardware and software most suitable according to the requirements set forth by it organizations departments.

High availability systems Disaster recovery plans

In high-availability systems aims to minimize or eliminate loss of data and transactions, minimizing possible downtime within a data center. This is only achieved with a design and implementation plan tailored to the unique business environment of each customer, according to needs and requirements detailed in each case.

A disaster recovery plan is a recovery process that covers the aspects related to data, hardware and critical software, so that the business can resume operations in the event of a catastrophic incident that involves the destruction of your data center.

Paradoxically, adding more components to the global system that can undermine efforts to achieve this goal. This is because complex systems inherently have more points of potential failure and are more difficult to implement correctly. In Ambit knowing perfectly the technologies on the market and the needs of the client we adapt the best solution for this purpose.

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