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ITSM Methodology

Seguridad en el mundo TI ITSM (Information Technology Service Management) is a strategy of world class to manage the TIC´s (information technology and communications) as a business within a business. ITSM methodology is focused on customer-oriented service.

ITSM seeks to align the functions of systems with the business objectives.

To implement ITSM, the suggestion is to implement global best practices proven delivery of ICT services. ITSM best practices are documented in ITIL ® (Information Technology Infrastructure Library) methodology. So the implementation of a strategy of ITSM is achieved with the implementation of the best practices recommended by ITIL.

ITIL was developed during the years 80´s, de facto is the set of global best practices for ITSM and a standard for the administration of the services of the TIC´s.

From the point of view of ITSM, ITIL provides a guide, with a comprehensive, consistent and coherent set of ITSM best practices for the design and implementation of IT services management (ITSM) practices.

At Ambit Projectes Informàtics, S.A. somos especialistas en la consultoría para la implantación de soluciones de ITSM del fabricante ManageEngine (link interno a productos manage engine).

How to get started?

With a clear awareness of cost control, we can start with an Executive ITIL consulting and its scope at management level in the company.

Why ITIL consulting?

Infraestructuras ITIL can be applied in any organization and is based on the basic principles of quality service, recommending best practices in areas of technology for the delivery of services by controlling the processes.

However, in Ambit we suggest consulting on ITIL since it is important to understand that ITIL processes are not something that is achieved overnight and that ITIL does not become to poor infrastructure from the point of view of the business an outstanding infrastructure immediately.  The way forward should be focused to meet the visions and expectations of the different levels of the Organization (strategic, tactical and operational) and that is where Ambit plays a decisive role.

In the end what is sought is to improve the delivery of it services optimizing technology with reasonable resources and cost control, and this requires an effort that often is accelerated and catalyzes a consulting in ITIL provided by external consultants specialized in ITIL, in addition to having lived many implementations and have been correct and incorrect implementation paths, they have high expertise in the ITIL framework.
ITIL® is a Registered Trade Mark of the Office of Government Commerce in the United Kingdom and other countries”.

Concept Proof

A proof of concept (PoC),  is an implementation summary of one or more scenarios, with the purpose of verifying that the concept or idea is likely to be exploited in a useful way.

The use of the PoC is very useful when you want to reduce the potential risk associated with any technical or functional difficulties. In these cases, a PoC allows you to clarify the doubts that may arise from the use of technology in particular.

With the conclusions obtained from the execution of the POC and the results of the economic study, the customer will have sufficient information to verify that the concept is valid and the tools used to meet the functional and economic requirements.


It is common practice to try to solve the problems or meet new requirements with more technology and more resources rather than an improvement in the management of technology and resources.

To avoid this error, it is necessary to have information and insight about whether we are doing a proper use of IT resources.

Monitoring tools, provide mechanisms to collect and analyse information, and it is the way to allow us to improve the management of these resources.

Another important feature is the ability to resolve incidents pre-emptively thanks to the automation of tasks that these tools incorporate.

Service Managment

For a correct functioning of IT departments, it is necessary to have tools that facilitate the management of the operation of the service and change management processes.

Ambit has experience in implementing solutions for Service Management in IT departments from small to multinational companies.

We advise and offer support in the adaptation of processes and the parameterization of the solution, with the aim of having an automated and centralized control of all incidents, requests, changes and issues tickets fast and agile. Asset management and configuration (CMDB), project management and purchasing capabilities, Service Managment solution adapts to the different needs and objectives of departments.

Security Management

Managing the security of an organization is an infinitely complex task, not only from a purely technical point of view but also from an organizational point of view.

Today, any company that works with any type of computing environment, from small businesses to the largest internationally, they are or should be concerned for their safety. The number of threats to computing environments and communications grows almost exponentially year after year, reaching levels unimaginable just a decade.

Security solutions, consist of set of applications for the protection of data, protection of workstations and servers, mobile security, SIEM and network security.

To have the relevant information of the events that are happening in the IT infrastructure is a complex task, requiring tools that allow managing the huge volume of information.

SIEM tools automate the process of collection, reporting, search, audit (PCI, SOX, and HIPAA) reports and analysis of information in order that security professionals understand and can act quickly against the risk to deal with real threats.

In Ambit, we work with leading manufacturers, allowing us to adapt the solution to the real needs of each company.

Identity Management

Provide effective management of access to internal and external users is a really complex task, the proliferation of applications and services of diverse nature leads the IT Department an overload in the administration of all of these services.

Access control and identity solutions allow organizations to offer a user access authorized systems, applications and data, centralized and secure. Protect these assets from the unauthorized access, reduce administrative costs, improves the user experience, supports compliance, and increases confidence in the identity of the people.

It is essential to be able to manage the identities and rights of users to access resources over the life cycle to manage identities and approaches effectively, both in the physical world and the logical.

Device Management

The management of mobile devices that are used within organizations is a real need for the current company. These devices can be provided by the organisation itself or be devices belonging to employees.

Device Management Tools allow to track and configure, manage installed applications, security profiles and create audit reports.

Infrastructure Management

Since the beginning of computing, the infrastructures of a company were based simply on to a support service for a hardware or software, however, as computing has evolved, increasing its presence in the Organization and providing value in all business processes have become complex network vital for an organization.

As all of these solutions grow and interrelate each other, the management of all of them it becomes a really complex task. Our global vision of the it infrastructures, enables us to provide next generation solutions, empowering organizations to simplify the management of complex infrastructures available solutions.

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