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Seguridad en el mundo TI In Ambit we like technology, offer solutions to our customers and help them simplify their work facilitating the management of their business. We currently live with an enigma, on the one hand, companies are struggling with limited resources and need to do more with less in the near future. On the other hand, we see constant examples of how it environments may work best to adopting solutions available on the market.

To achieve this vision, we need to expand our view of the "return on investment". Learning from leading manufacturers with vision for the future we create solutions to make systems more flexible, functional and operational to adapt to the needs.

Additional value is achieved thanks to a highly qualified staff that provide experience and commitment in all kinds of technological solutions necessary in your organization for the achievement of the projects.


Consists of creating through a technological resource software, usually a hardware platform, but also could virtualized operating system storage or network elements.
This abstraction of computer resources allows a more efficient use the underlying resources, so that with the same resources can have a higher capacity service and management.

The evolution of virtualization, and basically the platform virtualization allows the simulation of virtual machines that simulate a computing environment that is usually a complete operating system that behaves as if it were installed on a stand-alone hardware platform.

Virtualization solutions enable you to reduce costs through an index of higher use of data centres, consolidation of resources, reduction in the costs of energy and physical space, lower operational costs and more effective business continuity and disaster recovery solutions.

In addition to the reduction of costs, virtualization offers significant advantages over traditional computer. Other benefits can include greater use in hardware resources, faster provision of new servers, improvement of the functionalities of management such as for example the dynamic allocation of resources to different groups of servers, the possibility of cloning and backup systems, reduction in the time of stop, etc...

In Ambit, we have extensive experience in projects on virtualized environments, from consolidation of physical systems to virtual systems for organizations that start to virtualize their servers, to virtualizing business-critical applications or TIER1 and business continuity projects.

End User Computing

To date organizations had never had to deal with two fundamental issues in the face of the computer of the end user - provide secure access to an increasingly mobile employee profile, and manage a wide range of data, applications, and devices that are necessary for the business.

The future of enterprise computing goes far beyond a desktop, a physical platform or a specific operating system. Virtualization solutions for end user computing enable organizations modernize the traditional Windows PC and evolve towards a management focused on the user that takes advantage of services designed for the cloud, in order to provide the right content, in the right context, safe and based on policies, in a manner fully compatible with the existing and the access device-independent environment and evolutionary.

Ambit supports and optimizes the entire end user environment, including platforms, devices and end user experience. We can help improve the productivity and satisfaction of your end-users, ensuring that employees have access to the applications and information they need.

Computer Systems

Information systems are an essential part of the operation of the company. Passing through different stages in their life cycle, from capturing requirements, implementation, maintenance and constant improvement.

Physical and logical resources such as hardware, printers, monitors, tablets and any other device used addends to operating systems, data, and all your information make the global vision of computer systems.

This view allows us to provide our clients the most interesting combinations to develop computer systems with the best manufacturers on the market today.

Smart Storage

Companies of all sizes face the challenge of managing volumes of increasingly higher and continuous exponential growth. Make sure that is available and accessible when required and that is protected in a secure and reliable manner is a very demanding requirement.

Scalable storage systems will cover the present needs, and also ensure the growth of infrastructure in a controlled way and without the need to break down the technology already acquired, simply adding storage as required by the Organization.

In any case, storage technologies must be combined from the start with good practices for use, methodology and discipline. This can be a great cost savings in the choice of the solution and is when truly applied intelligence in all solution. From Ambit we offer advice and experience in the main market hardware/software solutions to transform traditional storage.


In today's organizations, communication is a vital element for daily operation in the business. Adequate infrastructure LAN/WAN allowing access to any system from any location, can substantially improve the performance of users.

This view allows us to provide our customers solutions of last generation and the ability to develop on the networks all kinds of projects responding to specific needs of the business.

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